Zaijian Taiwan....konnichiwa Japan!!! - Reisverslag uit Osaka, Japan van Michael Balvers - Zaijian Taiwan....konnichiwa Japan!!! - Reisverslag uit Osaka, Japan van Michael Balvers -

Zaijian Taiwan....konnichiwa Japan!!!

Door: Michael

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30 Juni 2007 | Japan, Osaka

In search of fresh air I have left Taiwan yesterday, my home for the last 4 months, and flew to Osaka, Japan. But before I give you all the ins and outs about the air in Japan...first a little bit more about my last days in Taiwan, which can be characterized by the following words: partying, eating and saying goodbye (or some combination between those).
--> oww by the way, my site address has indeed changed: WWW.MICHAELBALVERS.WAARBENJIJ.NU

The ‘eating’ began approximately 1,5 week ago, after Wenai’s graduation ceremony, when we went to an all you can eat Thai restaurant to celebrate her Master title. Soon after , Simone cooked ‘real Australian food’ (lemingtons...little furry animals right ;) ) during one of her infamous rooftop parties, followed by a dinner with my old roommates with whom I drank about 2L of tea on the top of Maokong mountain (which was really good by the way). There was a lot more food the last couple of weeks, but that would become to boring....anyway, my culinary tour had to end with a bang, I thought. I found ‘that bang’ at McDonalds....THE MEGAMAC...or FEICHANG DAMAIKE as we call it. awful does that sound I had to try, and dragged Simone with me in my downfall. Afterwards....divine intervention....I haven’t been sick in Taiwan, nor had dianna, but after the megaMc I spend a night praying to the porcelain goddess (in the dormitory, to complete the picture)...a big bang all right, of my stomach though.

Yet, now I come to think of it, in its mission to make me sick the Damaike probably had help from some alcohol that was still in my body from the night before (last Saturday). I namely already had a pre-goodbye party on Saturday...which means that together with my best friends here in Taiwan we first had dinner and then went to a latino (open) bar where we danced until the first rays of sunlight. Was marvellous guys!...again :D

After that, everything went very fast...the last days I had class as usual, had to arrange some final things before my departure and already tried to emotionally distance myself from my great ‘new’ roommates. NOT!!! Eikels...they were noisy nocturnal animals who rather preferred to sleep during the day in the library on their books (probably gives them the feeling that they are very studious) so that after 12 they can conquer ‘worlds of warcraft’ or something similar and keep me out of my sleep. (for the record: my ‘old’ roommates, from my previous dorm room, were very nice!).
That brings me to something else...I uncovered another ‘Taiwanese mystery’...when I just arrived to the dormitory a few months ago I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the happy tunes of an ice cream truck approaching. Hmmm....nice, ice-cream in this hot hum(m)id weather :)!!! This feeling of surprise quickly turned into one of disgust when one of my roommates so kindly pointed out to me that the source of that sound was actually a garbage truck....yesss, they disguise garbage trucks as ice cream trucks here! So I immediately saw visions of Taiwanese kids chasing the garbage truck thinking they would get an ice cream....and maybe that is were things went wrong...and that is the moment Taiwanese start to link ‘stench’ to ‘delicious food.’ Taiwanese namely seem to love food that stinks....choudoufu for example (stinky tofu/bean curd), which has a nastier smell than human shit. My previous teacher once told us that she would cruise the city on her scooter in search of a trace of choudoufu smell between the cities’ already normal stench...hmmm lekker hmmm! So conclusion, Taiwanese people in general like things that stink (the dormitory is just another example....:P) :D:D
(Wo tingshuo mouge ren, feichang bu hao de pengyou ;), ji le yige hezi gen choudoufu dao wo helande jia....shishikan dasi wo fumu & didi!!! weixian Keximeng, wo yao rrrrevenge!! :badgrin: )

Anyway...back to the storyline :)....Wednesday night I had dinner for the last time with my friends and afterwards we had a drink together. Thursday: class for the last time, saying goodbye and off to the airport together with Simone, Taito, Shino and Heather as my ‘goodbye-committee’. Fortunately...crowd control wasn’t necessary this time ;).
The moment of departure was actually very difficult...I think even that saying goodbye to my friends in Taiwan has been the hardest ‘goodbye’ in my life....such good friends I am leaving behind, plus I am one of the few that is going (as opposed to México, where everybody went approx the same time).

So one more time....thanks guys for being such good friends and making ‘Taiwan’ such an unforgettable experience...I will miss y’all, but we’ll keep in touch and someday we will see each other again!!!

And after that...I arrived in Japan, we’re all of the sudden all my efforts to study Chinese proved to be worthless as nobody speaks Chinese here. Fortunately my Japanese friends already provided me with all the essential ‘survival Japanese‘ :). Things are a hot girl, shit, you will die etc etc (xiexie taito...wo juede nage zanghua hen hao yong :badgrin: ). Proved to be very useful because today I rented a bicycle to do some sightseeing here in Osaka....and during my ‘bike-ma-geddon’ I used some of my Japanese (not too loud of course ;) )

Amongst others I have seen the Osaka castle...very impressive...a temple and two of the shopping districts. Pictures say more than thousand words so I won’t bore you with a description of these update I will put pictures online! That update will also be the last one for my ‘Taiwan period’, as I arrive in NL coming Sunday the first of July around 16:20....and then the adventure of this year is least for the ‘abroad part’.

Tomorrow I will go to Kyoto, the imperial city more about Kyoto in my final update!

Zaijan / Tot heel snel / hasta pronto,

Michael aka BoMaiKe aka DAMAIKE

p.s. THE HOFFF RULEZZZZ muahahah :) !!!!

p.s.2 Nogmaals, zodat niemand achteraf kan zeggen dat ik het niet gemeld heb:
ZONDAG 1 JULI om 16:20 kom ik aan op schiphol!

p.s.3 the air in Japan: mamahuhu :P

  • 30 Juni 2007 - 09:56



    Wat een tijd man, geweldig! Blijft heerlijk om zo je verhalen weg te lezen. Goede vlucht alvast en tot snel!


  • 30 Juni 2007 - 09:59


    Hey Mikus!
    Klnkt als een mooie goodbye periode! No goodbye is complete without Diana ;-) Tot zondag apie!

  • 30 Juni 2007 - 10:13


    heerlijk verhaal mike en helemaal, omdat ook wij, dit keer het niet via de computer te horen hebben gekregen. nog even en dan horen we de verhalen van je in levende lijve. het broodje oude kaas en de melk zijn al in huis ;) dus tot morgen.

  • 30 Juni 2007 - 11:21

    Tim (DM):

    Go Japan ;)

  • 30 Juni 2007 - 13:47

    Opa Balvers:

    bo mai ke
    Hoop je eerdaags in levende lijve te zien De groetjes van Oma en Opa en een dikke kus van ons.

  • 01 Juli 2007 - 05:01


    wow, can't read dutch (though i do speak it fluently) so thought i might leave a comment right here for you miguelito!!! am very impressed by your chinese - coming along nicely hey! partic. liked the story re: feichang dameike and dianna!! hope your well love, keep in touch xx

  • 01 Juli 2007 - 09:13



  • 01 Juli 2007 - 09:19


    Ah, you're blog doesn't like Chinese characters, does it (Philistine)?
    try this instead...

    Ni Hao, Mike-a-roo:
    'feichang bu hao de peng you' yourself!

    wo juede ni kuai xiang choudofu, suo yi wo yao gei ni. wei shenme ni bu yao???
    some people are so ungrateful, honestly!

    Revenge indeed... you're just going to have to bring that revenge Down Under, you know...

    ni de HAO PENGYOU JI LE...
    xie xie guang lin!
    The Hoff does rule, but only in Germany (and soon in Kao shiung)

  • 01 Juli 2007 - 20:13


    dat was leuk :)
    Bedankt voor het thuisbrengen! En je ma bedankt voor het heerlijke eten! :D

  • 01 Juli 2007 - 21:27


    He wat jammer nou, lees ik nu pas je bericht en het is nu al te laat om je te bellen: je bent weer thuis in het kopude kikkerlandje!!!
    Ik ga je meteen morgen bellen maar ik herinner me nog wel dat je meteen aan de slag ging bij de aerosols of zo. Ik bel je morgenavond, alvast een dikke kus van mij.

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